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1 scoop...
2 scoops...
3 scoops...

Now that we have your attention, This is a story all about how our ice cream got flipped turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute so scoop on by I'll tell you how we became Stuffed Ice Cream started by two guys. 

With little to no culinary background, besides the occasional cup noodles here and there, owners Jackie and Alan were able to whip up some "spot on" flavors along with warm fluffy donuts. We strive for every single flavor to taste true to their name. After months of extensive research and experimentation, the "Cruff" was born.

What is a Cruff and why that name?
CRUFF: [kr-uff] noun
- A perfectly toasted, glazed donut stuffed with your ice cream flavor & toppings of choice.

"Woah, that Cruff looks almost too good to eat!"

Place of origin: Brooklyn, NY
Combination of (Cr)eam from ice cream + St(uff)ed 

Stuffed Ice Cream isn't like your typical dessert shop, we believe in work hard, play hard, with both of them going hand in hand at any given time of the day. We like to bring the same comedic energy we hold during our everyday lives to both our customers and staff.
Without you, we got nothing to scoop for.

The Founders

Alan Yaung Stuffed Ice cream What the Cruff Teal T-shirt

Alan Yaung

I am Alan Yaung, of House S.I.C. Rightful heir to the Ice Cream Throne, King of the Cruffs. I am the Mother of Donuts, the Khaleesi of Ice Cream Bouquets and Breaker of Calories. 

Alan is a Brooklyn native who never imagined opening up his own business, let alone an ice cream parlor. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Chemistry and working on a path to healthcare, he realized it wasn't right for him. Jackie approached Alan about this business opportunity while he was in the middle of switching careers. As a risk taker and always first to jump at things, Alan dove right in without hesitation. The journey has been a huge learning curve for someone who studied science almost his whole life. With ambition to be the best at anything he does, whether it comes to sports or seeing who could do the spicy ramen challenge the fastest, he pushes himself to work hard to compete with the top dessert shops in NYC.

Jackie Luu Stuffed Ice Cream Scoop Black T-shirt What the Cruff

Jackie Luu

Coming from a family of food entrepreneurs, Jackie stormed into the world with a spoon-in-hand and an insatiable craving for all things sweet.  As others grew up developing a fondness of the playground, Jackie found himself never leaving the home kitchen.  There was no stool he wouldn’t climb, no closet he wouldn’t open in the never-ending search for dessert.  Hard to believe, but he truly found love at a very young age.

Fast forward to the pivotal and life-defining years at Baruch College, Jackie embarked on another pursuit, but this time for an even greater purpose: what career path provides uncompromising fun, promise, and deliciousness all at the same time?  The answer was a recipe that included simple ingredients from the most humbling parts of his life: encouragement from childhood friends (who else would be guinea pigs for his absurd ice cream flavors?), wisdom from successful and entrepreneurial parents, and a fiery passion for ice cream – why yes, that does sound like an appropriate oxymoron.  In short, Jackie and his business partner and longtime friend, Alan, founded Stuffed Ice Cream.
In his spare time, Jackie is an automotive enthusiast and a gifted marathon napper.  Besides spending time with his parents and older brother, who lacks the same uncanny napping abilities (sadly), Jackie is excited about his plans to travel the world, and looks forward to the many more backpacking trips he plans to take in the future.